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  • Bella Contadina

    Bella Contadina Company from sunny Apulia took full advantage of what was given it by nature of this region. Farming traditions formed through centuries, rich lands of Apulia, modern production technologies all together have influenced the products by Bella Contadina. 

    There is a wide range of delightful Bella di Cerignola olives in De Licateum. Just green, just black, olives mix, giant olives, medium-size olives, no matter what you choose, Italian olives from Bella Contadina bring some holiday spirit to any ordinary meal.

  • Clemente

    Could an ability to taste delicate product’s flavor, olive oil for example, contribute to creating a successful company, a world-famous brand? Yes, if we are talking about Clemente company. 

    Company’s history started back in 1800, from an ordinary seller of almond and oil Berardino Clemente. And later his son and nephew continued and developed a business. 

    However, a main breakthrough in company’s development happened thanks to a grandson, named after grandfather – Berardino, who had outstanding taster abilities. He managed to become a strategic partner to the largest northern olive oil bottling companies. And he was buying the best olive oil for them in Apulia. 

    Later, children of Berardino-grandson decided to organize a production on their own land. All and everyone in the family, brothers and sisters, were devoted to work hard for their collective success. 

    Therefore, the fact that Clemente brand today is a synonym to a high quality olive oil not only in Italy, but also in the whole world, is a result of efforts of several generations of hardworking and united people, honestly loving their business. 

    Clemente oil is DOP certified, has many other certificates, verifying that products are fully organic, and it even received a kosher certificate.

  • Frantoio di Sant`Agata

    Should you ask any expert “What variety of Italian olives is the best?”, and the answer will be “It’s Taggiasca from Liguria, of course!” 

    A rather small company Frantoio di Sant`Agata located in a picturesque township Sant`Agata d`Oneglia (province of Imperia) has been producing Extra Virgin olive oil from these fine olives for already 180 years. 

    In 1827 Mela family, one of the oldest families in Sant`Agata d`Oneglia, decided to start making olive oil with a small rolling stone press. The fact that now olive oil production process is mechanized had no influence on the flavor of this elite product. 

    Delicacy olives are entirely harvested and picked just manually. Oil pressing is done on a picking day. Harvests are gathered almost all year round, because oil-gardens grow on different soils, landscape, and height above sea level. 

    All this is done to create a savory, absolutely pure olive oil, amber colored and of low acidity, for health, beauty, and exquisite flavor of meals. 

    Oil from Sant`Agata d`Oneglia has many awards confirming high quality of a product in Italy and America.

  • Galvanina

    Natural mineral Galvanina spring is one of the oldest in Europe. First references to it relate to the established Ariminum colony (now it is the Rimini city) in 268 BC. 

    Balanced combination of salts and minerals makes water a real source of health. 

    Mineral water bottling company Galvanina started its business only a few decades ago. Water, formerly known by rich Italians in-gathering only, gain popularity, and was in demand through all continents of our planet. 

    Galvanina mineral water base fruit non-alcohol drinks are another highly demanded product of this company. 

    By virtue of Galvanina company consumers get healthful water created by nature, and bottled in fine glassware, which guarantee preservation of all its health-giving qualities.

  • Gentilе

    Story of Gentile company is closely related to a history of pasta production development. There are many reasons for that. 

    First, the company is located in the city of Gragnano, where pasta has been made since 16th century. A combination of wind, sun, and humidity makes Gragnano an ideal place to dry pasta. 

    Second, the company itself is almost three (!) centuries old. 

    Third, despite modernized production, many stages of pasta making process are still manual. 

    Forth, pasta is made of a very rare wheat variety Senatore Cappelli, named after a senator of Abruzzo region, who separated concepts of “durum” and “soft” wheat. 

    It is no surprise that Gentile pasta is considered a delicacy, as wheat itself, due to head length and difficult processing, is grown in small quantities, but is valued for its amazing flavor and aroma. 

    Final important component to success is the fact that Gentile is a family business, where each member of Zampino family has own core responsibilities. 

    The whole range of Gentile pasta has IGP (Indicazione Geografica Protetta) certificate, indicating that product is made in a particular geographical area and meets high quality criteria.

  • Gocce Italiane

    It will be fair to consider balsamic vinegar by Gocce Italiane a complete and splendid piece of art. 

    Have you tasted pearls, for example? You can, if it is a pearl by Gocce Italiane. Precious balsamic pearl – clear balls with pearly shade, filled with precious balsamic liquid. One cannon but try this delicacy. You just have to choose a shade, or actually, a flavor: classic, fruit-berry, or white truffle. 

    Traditional balsamico can easily be mistaken for a perfume. Balsamic vinegar from Modena by Gocce Italiane is being sold in unique elegant bottles. Vinegar enclosed in them, made from Lambrusco and Trebbiano grape varieties, aged for 3 to 30 years in oak, ash, chestnut, cherry, mulberry, and cedar barrels, is a real masterpiece. 

    De Licateum offers you to buy balsamic vinegar-base sauces, creams and confitures, of classic savor or with other flavors like raspberry, strawberry, cherry, orange, fig, truffle, as well as white and red wine vinegar from Gocce Italiane.

  • La Marchesa

    Creamy original porcelain colored mozzarella is produced only in two Italian regions – Campagna and Apulia. 

    De Liacateum offers both mozzarella and ricotta by La Marchesa, one of the best producers of fine delicacies from Campagna. 

    La Marchesa company has been in the market for only three decades, and it’s even more surprising that for such a short period of time company has become a leading producer of mozzarella and ricotta cheeses. 

    Though a range of products is not so wide, La Marchesa has no match in making Mozzarella di Bufala Campana Dop. 

    Eco-friendly production and carefully chosen raw materials show that La Marchesa knows how to keep leading position among the top segment companies.

  • La Spinetta

    A year 1997 was not so long ago. However, for Rivetti family the whole epoch has gone from that year until our days. An epoch of creation and development of a family business under La Spinetta brand.

    Coming back from Argentina, where father Rivetti once brought his family, Giuseppe and his wife Lidia decided to stay in Italy.

    In those days, unpretentious sweet Muscat wines were made in Castagnole Lanze, where Rivetti family settled. 

    Having founded La Spinetta winery, meaning “mountain top”, Rivetti were going to make wines of the highest quality and succeeded in this. A lot of admirers of La Spinetta wines, Moscato Bricco Bricco Quaglia and Biancospino, have appeared quite soon. 

    Ranges of red wines Barbaresco, Nebbiolo, and Barolo were created in a while. 

    For their classic wines La Spinetta uses vines from old vineyards of local varieties: in Piedmont it is Barbera, Dolcetto, Moscato, and Nebbiolo, in Tuscany – Sangiovese and Colorino. Younger vines are used to make such La Spinetta wines like Barbera Ca di Pian, Langhe Nebbiolo and Il Nero di Casanova. 

    Apart from wine, La Spinetta also produces undeniably high class olive oil. To make an extra virgin olive oil from Piedmont they hand-pick the best olives and carefully deliver them to the factory. 

    Today, La Spinetta owns 165 hectares of vineyards, located in Piedmont and Tuscany. All three generations of a large Rivetti family – father, mother, three brothers, their wives and children, not only work in their wine business, but also live together in a huge family house at the top of a picturesque hill, surrounded by vineyards. 

    La Spinetta key to success is quite simple: proper care after vineyards almost excluding the use of chemicals, careful choice of grapes gathering dates, and upscale modern equipment. So, that is how La Spinetta is now among the leading wineries of Italy, well-known to wine lovers around the world.

  • Liquorificio Carlo Mansi

  • Luigi Guffanti 1876

    Should one buy asilver mine to make a great cheese? Yes! That is what Luiggi Guffanti did in 1876, having bought an old abandoned mine not far from Lake Maggiore. Particular temperature and humidity level thought the year, and microorganisms required for cheeses to mature – all these conditions were met here, in otherwise useless mine in province of Varese. Microclimate of mine caves turned out to be so perfect that cheese by Guffanti became popular in Italy and other European countries. 

    In early 1900s sons Carlo and Mario successfully continued their father’s business, and Guffanti cheeses were exported to USA and Argentina. 

    Today, geography of the family business has expanded due to affinatore method. Grandchild of the company’s founder – Carlo Fiori together with his sons is deeply engaged in cheese aging process. Guffanti company buys young cheeses in the best farms in Italy. Interesting is that cheese production in such farms is still done manually. 

    As a matter of fact, it is not so easy to be an affinatore as it may seem at first sight. One should know all the details of cheese-making to make no mistakes choosing a cheese that is to become a true delicacy when aged. 

    Luigi Guffanti brand produces more than 100 different kinds of traditional Italian cheeses from many regions: Basilicata, Calabria, Sicily, Sardinia, Emilia-Romagna, Campagna, Apulia, Piedmont, Toscana, and others. 

    Products participated in international contests and have many awards. According to Wall Street Journal, Luigi Guffanti brand is in the world’s top 10 best cheese companies.

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