Fusion style in haute cuisine


What is fusion style in haute cuisine? It shouldn’t be talked about, but tasted!

On December 15 D’eko ecological restaurant together with De Licateum shop-museum invite everybody to a unique haute cuisine dinning - tasting fusion-style dishes from brand chef at D’eko - Tiana Leon.

Top class is to combine what was considered incompatible: Lithuanian and Italian gourmet products, Italian wines, and several types of grappa, cheeses produced by the best companies in Italy, and Limoncello, that famous digestif.

The manager of De Licateum will accompany the dinner with interesting stories about the products’ qualities and how they are matched in dishes served.

Will we taste:

- appetizers;

- salad;

- entree: risotto with truffles in a pumpkin, and eco-wine;

- grappa tasting: Grappa Di Moscato Riserva, Grappa Della Serra Riserva, Grappa Erbalucce passito, Grappa Erbaluce;

- Italian cheeses: Gorgonzola Piccante, Blue di Lodi, Fior di tartufo, Il Caprino

- Dessert: pear with prosciutto di Parma;

- Limoncello.

So, let’s meet on December 15, at 5 p.m. at D’eko restaurant, Dominikonu g., 15, for a fusion style haute cuisine tasting in Vilnius.

Ticket price: 30 EUR.

To register, please, call +37061116668 or follow the link