Manufacturer  Tuberga

Italian espresso is a drink with old traditions. It appeared in Italy in the beginning of XX century and became a quality benchmark for the whole world. There are two translations for “espresso” – “quick” and “pressed” or “cooked under pressure”. 

They say in Italy that to make a quality espresso “A law of four Ms” should be observed. First M (mishella) – beans blend, second (maccinato) – grind level, third (macchina) – coffee maker and forth (mano) – barista’s hand. 

Note, that everything starts from coffee beans. Coffee from Eurocaf company is a result of proper choice of suppliers of raw materials from Latin America to Africa, from Indonesia to Asian countries, as well as of slow roasting of coffee beans under low temperatures.

Eurocaf was established in 1959 in Turin by mister Tuberg, who delegated company management to his son later. 

De Licateum shop offers Tuberga Premium Quality coffee. It’s 100% Arabica of special exquisite flower aroma and slightly acidic mild flavor with pleasant chocolate aftertaste.

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