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Just imagine this: 19th century, sunny Italy, Piedmont. An ordinary Italian family lives as many other families do, it has some farm business: raises vegetables and grazes livestock. Nothing special.

A household has been growing together with the family, and in a century one could hardly recognize it. This active family step by step bought the neighboring lands to expand their market garden. Fruit and vegetables were just what a hardworking family members put all their efforts to. Being cared about so much, a garden gave abundant harvest, so that workers were employed to gather and process it.

Following Piedmont traditional, kept for centuries, recipes women in a family made the most delicious jams from strawberry, peaches, and other fruits. Canned vegetable marrow, pepper, tomatoes…

Quite soon these delicious products became famous far beyond a small village, where family lived. Right after that family started receiving preorders for their delicacies. 

Being such a simple story, a little like a fairy tale, it is, meanwhile, true. Therefore, Tab Green Line company still produces canned food today, following their family recipes much to delight of fans of Italian healthy eco-products.

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4,25 €

Ingredients: red peppers 85%, olive oil, garlic, salt, vinegar, chili pepper, oregano, parsleyEnergy:Fat:of which saturated:Carbohydrates:Protein:Salt: 115 kcal/ 475 kJ11,1 g1,2 g2,0 g0,8 g1,6 g Weight: 180 g

1,00 €

Ingredients: tomatoes, salt

15,10 €

Ingredients: roe of the grey mullet 95%, salt Energy:Fat:of which saturated:Carbohydrates:Protein:Salt: 301 kcal/ 1266 kJ25,3 g7,5 g23,0 g40,1 g5,1 g Weight: 40 g

4,00 €

Ingredients: olive oil, dried tomatoes 25%, Genovese Basil P.D.O. 15%, cashews, extra virgin olive oil, pine kernels, salt, vinegar, sugar   Energy:Fat:of which saturated:Carbohydrates:Protein:Salt: 346 kcal/ 1428 kJ32 g4,8 g13 g2,0 g2,9 g Weight: 130 g

6,70 €

Ingredients: olive oil extra virgin, genovese basil 25%, cashew nuts, pine kernels, salt, white truffle (Tuber Magnatum Pico) 0.1%, flavoring. Energy:Fat:of which saturated:Carbohydrates:Protein:Salt: 602 kcal/ 2482 kJ60,0 g9,0 g8,3 g5,8 g3,3 g Weight: 80 g

5,00 €

Ingredients: concentrated grape must, Balsamic vinegar from Modena PGI 39%, syrup glucose, fructose, water, thickener: modified starch of corn E415 Energy:Fats:Carbohydrates:Protein:Salt: 763 kJ/ 180 kcal0.5 g41.0 g0.7 g1.1 g Weight: 250 ml

7,30 €

Ingredients: fruits in different proportions (apricots, peaches, plums), sugar, water, Nebbiolo d'Alba wine 3%. May contain traces of nutsEnergy:Fat:of which saturated:Carbohydrates:Protein:Salt: 221 kcal/ 937 kJ0,2 g0,0 g50,0 g2,3 g0,04 g Weight: 350 g

6,20 €

Ingredients: figs, sugar, waterEnergy:Fat:of which saturated:Carbohydrates:Protein:Salt: 231 kcal/ 976 kJ0,7 g0,0 g51,0 g1,9 g0,08 g Weight: 320 g

8,15 €

Ingredients: figs 45%, sugar, pearsEnergy:Fat:of which saturated:Carbohydrates:Protein:Salt: 195 kcal/ 826 kJ<0,5 g<0,1 g47,0 g0,9 g0,02 g Weight: 320 g

5,55 €

Ingredients: blueberries, sugar, water, Barolo wine 3%Energy:Fat:of which saturated:Carbohydrates:Protein:Salt: 116 kcal/ 493 kJ0,0 g0,0 g27,0 g1,3 g0,05 g Weight: 310 g

5,80 €

Ingredients: fruits of different proportions (apricots, plums, pineapples, raisins), sugar, waterEnergy:Fat:of which saturated:Carbohydrates:Protein:Salt: 140 kcal/ 722 kJ0,1 g0,0 g40,0 g1,1 g0,01 g Weight: 320 g

7,45 €

Ingredients: peaches, sugar, water, Moscato d‘Asti wine 2 % Energy:Fat:of which saturated:Carbohydrates:Protein:Salt: 94 kcal/ 399 kJ0,0 g0,0 g21,0 g1,5 g0,02 g Weight: 720 g

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