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Ingredients: raw sheep milk, rennet, salt Storage conditions:store at temperature from +0 to +4 CWeight:100 gPrice for 100g incl. VAT

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Ingredients: cow's milk cream, water, saltEnergy value:752 kcal/ 3093 kJFats: Saturated fats:Carbohyrates: Protein:Salt:83,0 g58,0 g0,70 g0,60 g0,02 gWeight:200 g

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Ingredients: cow milk, rennet, blue mold, salt Storage conditions:store at temperaturefrom +4 to +6 CPrice for 100g incl. VAT

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Ingredients:  cow’s milk, salt, lysozyme (egg white) Energy (100 g):Fat:Protein:Ripening period:384 kcal / 1606 kJ28 g33 gmin. 12 monthStorage conditions:store at temperature from +8 to +10CPrice is given per 100 g incl. VAT

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Ingredients: partially skimmed raw milk, salt, rennet, no preservatives or additives Ripening: Texture:Fat content:at least 15 months extra hard cheese32%Price for 100g incl. VAT

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