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Almost a century ago in Piedmont region an Italian Portalupi family has founded a small production of salt and cured meat. Loyal admirers of such perfect products appeared in no time. More and more of new kinds of sausages were added to a products range, and the whole production continued growing.

So, what are the secret ingredients and recipes used by Portalupi to create such unbelievably tasty sausages? Mountain air, spring water, top-quality meat, traditional recipes and huge passion for own business – all of these do participate in process of production of incredible Portalupi Salumi.Italian sausages from Piedmont region.

Today, Portlalupi Salumi is a production with modern equipment, laboratories and strict quality control.

It will be a very difficult task to buy true Italian salami, speck hams, or napoli in Vilnius, then matching the definition and qualities of a true delicacy, in an ordinary supermarket. Portalupi Salumi Italian sausages and meat products one may find on shelves in De Licateum shop. Not only traditional Italian salami are displayed here, but we also have allergen-free sausages from Italy, salami with various Italian herbs and spices, as well as cured meats with fruits and truffles.

2,10 €

Ingredients:  pork, beef, spices Energy:Fat:Carbohydrates:Protein:422 kcal/ 1767 kJ38,0 g2,0 g18,0 gPrice is given per 100 g incl. VAT

2,00 €

Ingredients:  pork meat, salt, spices, glucose, flavoring, antioxidants Energy:Fat:of which saturatedCarbohydrates:Protein:Salt:516,81 kcal/ 2160,27 kJ44,57 g12,44 g2,84 g26,08 g4,66 gPrice is given per 100 g incl. VAT

2,40 €

Ingredients:  pork, truffle, salt, sugar: dextrose, natural flavorings, spices, preservatives: E252, E250, antioxidant: E301.

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