Manufacturer  TARTUFI Jimmy

What factors can inspire a person to open his or her own business? A great variety, actually. It can be a desire to achieve more or realize an idea that came to one’s head, or an opportunity to earn money and fulfill some cherished dreams… Could have been anything. But, have anybody heard of a young pig, more to say, named Jimmy being a reason to start a business? Nobody, until his master opened a pig farm. He established business of collecting and processing truffles. 

It all started in a small Pietralunga village more than half a century ago, when Gino the father, his son Giovannino, and a piggy Jimmy started going in to the woods for truffles. Their quests were so successful and found truffles were so selective that buyers from the village all exclaimed: “Jimmy’s Truffles are amazing!” 

Thanks to heavy harvests of white and black truffles, sales increased more and more. When Giovannino grew up, he expanded the business and organized truffle-base foods production: preserves, oils, vinegar with herbs. 

And what about young pig Jimmy? The company is named after it – Tartufi Jimmy. 

“It’s a fairytale” would you say. Come to De Licateum to buy delicious truffles, and see for yourself that they are all from Tartufi Jimmy.

25,00 €

Ingredients: black truffle (Tuber Melanosporum Vitt), sunflower oil 34%, salt, spicesWeight gross/net: 50 g/35 g

35,00 €

Ingredients: white truffle (magnum piko), sunflower oil 34%, salt, spicesWeight gross/net: 50 g/35 g

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