Manufacturer  Luigi Guffanti 1876

Should one buy asilver mine to make a great cheese? Yes! That is what Luiggi Guffanti did in 1876, having bought an old abandoned mine not far from Lake Maggiore. Particular temperature and humidity level thought the year, and microorganisms required for cheeses to mature – all these conditions were met here, in otherwise useless mine in province of Varese. Microclimate of mine caves turned out to be so perfect that cheese by Guffanti became popular in Italy and other European countries. 

In early 1900s sons Carlo and Mario successfully continued their father’s business, and Guffanti cheeses were exported to USA and Argentina. 

Today, geography of the family business has expanded due to affinatore method. Grandchild of the company’s founder – Carlo Fiori together with his sons is deeply engaged in cheese aging process. Guffanti company buys young cheeses in the best farms in Italy. Interesting is that cheese production in such farms is still done manually. 

As a matter of fact, it is not so easy to be an affinatore as it may seem at first sight. One should know all the details of cheese-making to make no mistakes choosing a cheese that is to become a true delicacy when aged. 

Luigi Guffanti brand produces more than 100 different kinds of traditional Italian cheeses from many regions: Basilicata, Calabria, Sicily, Sardinia, Emilia-Romagna, Campagna, Apulia, Piedmont, Toscana, and others. 

Products participated in international contests and have many awards. According to Wall Street Journal, Luigi Guffanti brand is in the world’s top 10 best cheese companies.

2,10 €

Ingredients:  raw cow milk, rennet, salt Storage conditions:store at temperaturefrom +4 to +6 CPrice for 100g incl. VAT

4,50 €

Ingredients: milk, rennet, acidity regulator, citric acid, salt Storage conditions:store at temperature from +4 to +6 CWeight:300 g 

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