Manufacturer  Clemente

Could an ability to taste delicate product’s flavor, olive oil for example, contribute to creating a successful company, a world-famous brand? Yes, if we are talking about Clemente company. 

Company’s history started back in 1800, from an ordinary seller of almond and oil Berardino Clemente. And later his son and nephew continued and developed a business. 

However, a main breakthrough in company’s development happened thanks to a grandson, named after grandfather – Berardino, who had outstanding taster abilities. He managed to become a strategic partner to the largest northern olive oil bottling companies. And he was buying the best olive oil for them in Apulia. 

Later, children of Berardino-grandson decided to organize a production on their own land. All and everyone in the family, brothers and sisters, were devoted to work hard for their collective success. 

Therefore, the fact that Clemente brand today is a synonym to a high quality olive oil not only in Italy, but also in the whole world, is a result of efforts of several generations of hardworking and united people, honestly loving their business. 

Clemente oil is DOP certified, has many other certificates, verifying that products are fully organic, and it even received a kosher certificate.

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